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PowerPC64 Architecture

© 2002-2003 University of New South Wales
© 2005 National ICT Australia
page maintained by Carl van Schaik (cvansch@cse.unsw.edu.au)

Supported Kernels

The L4Ka::Pistachio kernel offers support (prototype) for the PowerPC64 architecture. See l4ka.org for more information about L4Ka::Pistachio.

The PowerPC64 port is released, but presently does not support SMP. SMP support will be added at a later stage.

The PowerPC64 port currently runs on three platforms:
Apple G5 (PPC970) Desktop / Xserve
IBM Power4 - A quad CPU PSeries
IBM Power3 - A dual CPU PSeries

The kernel is also running on the IBM mambo simulator simulating a Power3 style cpu.

Booting the Xserve G5

Power on - to openfirmware
  1. Power-ON while pressing the identify button
  2. Release identify button when blue LEDs start in a left-right motion
    The bottom right LED should turn-on, if not, check the identify button at back of case, It sucks (gets stuck)
  3. Pressing identify button moves the blue LED left.
    LEDs are numbered 1-7 from right to left
    Position 6 - Enter OpenFirmware
    Position 7 - Boot DHCP
  4. Hold identify button down, top row blue LEDs start turning on.
    Release when all LEDs have lit up (they turn off again once all ON, thats ok)
  5. Your mode is selected
If position-6 is chosen, you should have OpenFirmware on the serial console.

Some usefull commands, see http://www.firmworks.com/QuickRef.html

 dev / : Set the root of the device tree
 ls : Listing of device tree
 words : show current node's methods
 devalias : Lists device aliases

 setenv variable value

 boot [device-specifier] [arguments]
 load [device-specifier] [arguments]
My Initial setup: (Makes OpenFirmware boot to prompt)
 setenv auto-boot? false
 setenv boot-screen scca
 setenv console-screen scca
 setenv input-device scca
 setenv output-device scca
 setenv boot-device enet:,xserve.boot
 setenv load-base 0x800000
 setenv real-mode? false
Booting info:

To tftp load file "test"

 load enet:,test

A contribution to the L4 community from the UNSW/NICTA team.