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SPARCv9 Architecture

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page maintained by Philip Derrin (philipd@cse.unsw.edu.au)

Supported Kernels

The L4Ka::Pistachio kernel will soon offer support for the SPARCv9 architecture. See l4ka.org for more information about L4Ka::Pistachio.

The SPARCv9 port is currently under development and will be released as soon as we feel that it is ready.

The development platform is an Ultra 10 workstation with an UltraSPARC IIi processor. The kernel should be easily portable to other UltraSPARC processors, and (with a bit more work) to other SPARCv9 implementations.


I have personal copies of the documents linked to below, so if they move or disappear, send me a request.

SPARCv9 References

UltraSPARC References

Ultra10 Workstation References

OpenBoot and Open Firmware References

A contribution to the L4 community from the UNSW/NICTA team.