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API Reference Manuals for L4

API VersionReference Manual
NOVA[PDF] - February 5 2014
seL4, Rev. 1.2[PDF] - March 20 2013
OKL4 3.0[PDF] - September 11 2008
X.2, Rev. 6[PDF] - November 17 2007
L4.Sec v0.2[PDF] - October 19 2005
N1, Rev. 2[PDF] - October 7 2005
X.2, Rev. 5[PDF] - June 4 2004
X.2, Rev. 4[PDF] - October 2 2003
X.2, Rev. 3[PDF] - June 25 2003
X.2, Rev. 2[PDF] - May 1 2003
X.0[PDF] - September 3 1999
2/MIPS Rev. 79[PDF] - May 3 1999
2[PDF] - March 8 1998

Programming Manual for OKL4

Open Kernel Labs had released an extensive Programming Manual for OKL4, which was available from their web site. This does not replace the reference manual, but provides much more information on the use of the API. Unfortunately, that manual is no longer available. For historical reasons, we provide an earlier version, relating to OKL4 2.0.

User Manuals for L4

There exist two user manuals from L4, contributed by UNSW/NICTA, both for kernel versions that are now obsolete:

  • a draft user manual for the X.2 API and its adaptation to the N1 API.
  • a user manual for the old V2 API (this one is somewhat MIPS specific as the V2 API did not abstract the architecture very well)

Manuals for Userland Environments